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Monthly View of Dubai's 10th Anniversary

In 1999, Aqa Maula TUS embarked on a historic visit during Safar al Maqamaat al Muqaddasah of Aqa Maula TUS to Yemen, Shaam and Karbala/Najaf.

With the Raza Mubarak and Doa Mubarak of Aqa Maula TUS, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb(TUS) - the Spiritual Head of the Worldwide Dawoodi Bohra Islamic Community, a new pioneering concept was initiated called

This private and personal website was visualized for the Exclusive use of Dawoodi Bohra Muslims, Followers of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb TUS (Sultanul Bohra).

The primary Objective of this website was to post the latest AKHBAR (News) and photos of events related to Aqa Maula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb TUS.

Our Secondary Objective was to publish/report other Events, News & Happenings within the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim Community living throughout the globe, as well as offer information useful to our community in order to interact and help one another.

'Malumaat' when translated means Information and that is what we wanted to offer through our website for our community.

The founder and owner of - Shk. Jabir Shk. Ebrahimbhai Rasheed along with sons Chief Editor Shk. Murtaza Rasheed and Co-Editor Mu. Hussein Rasheed, started off the website with a simple HTML website to publish Akhbar of Aqa Maula TUS, wherever Maula TUS was travelling or visiting a Bilad Imaniyah around the world. We were then joined by various khidmatguzars around the world with a similar goal who have helped reach its current heights.

This site also enjoys guidance and advice from Qasre Aali Sahebs and other Sahebs from Dawat-e-Hadiyah, who have supported this endeavor of Malumaat Akhbar Khidmat reaching thousands of Dawoodi Bohra Mumineen worldwide and also use this medium at various times to relay certain Important information, announcements or Bulletins to Community members worldwide. has received more than 22 Million+ hits in the past decade with more than 18,500+ photos posted on the website from 1999. This is probably the largest collection of photos posted on any Dawoodi Bohra website on the net.

The fact that has reached its 10th Anniversary is testament to the power of the Nazar and Doa Mubarak of Aqa Maula TUS on his khidmatguzars. Also, the constant support Qasre Aali Sahebs, Kothar Mubarak Sahebs and Ummal along with Mumineen worldwide has helped us maintain this goal of Akhbar reaching thousands of Mumineen on a regular basis.

We araz Sajadat us Shukur in Hazarat Imamiyah Nooraniyah TUS for this azeem khidmat that has been undertaken and we pray that we are able to continue doing this khidmat for many years to come. May Allah Subhanahu grant our beloved Aqa Maula TUS a long long life ta Qayaamat along with Sehaat Tammaat. Ameen.

Abde Syedna TUS
Murtaza Shk. Jabir Rasheed.


Comments from our users

mubarak ane mohanna
Aamil Saheb
Mubarak... it is truly a labour of love.

Thank you for bring Maula TUS to us in such an easily accessible way.
May Allah grant our Maula TUS a life of sehat and afiat.

Amte Syedna TUS

Mubarak to all Malumaat Team members and Subscribers, You have done a great job.
Needless to mention, lots and lots of mumineen got benefits from this site, we all pray that May you have thousands more years to do this azeem khidmat and May Allah bless our Bawa Shafiq Sehat and Umr ta roze qayamat....Aamin
asgar m.sharbat
Dear Sh Jabirbhai, Murtazabhai and Husseinbhai,
Alf Mabrouk! This is a commendable feat and truly a unique Khidmat. I would not be wrong in saying that you have become an integral part to mumineen’s lives (particularly in terms of information).

May you get the quwat and inspiration to serve in this distinctive way.
Mabrouk again and best wishes.

Zoher Campwala

Salaam Baad,
Congratulations on your site turning 10. May the blessings of our beloved Aqaa Moula be with you.

Shabbir K Rangwala,
Muscat, Oman

...i n my family members....wish U all...more more...success....

shabbir m surka

Dear Malumaat team
Alf mabrook for a wonderful decade long mumeneen khidmaat khas "Al Dai AL FAtemi Aqa Mola Syedna Mohammed. Burhanuddin khidmaat and achievement.


Bhai Murtazabhai on behalf of my whole family i congratulate u on the 10th anniversary of .Bhai u have brought our Aqa Moula (TUS) so near 2 us thru ur website. we the unfortunates living here in jeddah are Far frm the neamat of deedar of our Aqa Moula which u have made possible. Once again lots of wishes n mubarak baad 2 u .

Amate Sayednal Minaam tasneem taher hamdani jeddah, saudi arabia